Brief history of roses

Rose is one of the oldest existing flowers, dating back 35 million years.

Roses religious symbol of the Persians, time becomes the symbol of love and beauty and grace to almost all world civilizations.

Romans used roses for medicinal purposes, to decorate tables and floors.

Roses were favorite flowers of the Empress Josephine of France, who devoted much space to cultivate roses and hybridisation.

Rosa x alba is one of the oldest cultivated rose was introduced in 1596. Flowers arranged in bouquets, white, fragrant, blooming in June-July.

Rosa alpina was introduced in 1753. Roses without thorns, dark red flowers, blooming early summer, and grow well in any soil.

tp: / / botanicatalog.com/en/taxon160310/Rosa_banksiae "target =" _blank "> Rosa Banksia was brought from China in 1809.

Rosa berberifolia originated in Persia, introduced in 1790. Solitary yellow flowers.

Rosa bourboniana introduced in 1825.

Rosa bracts rose is an evergreen from China introduced by Lord Macartney in 1795.

Rosa centifolia was grown in English gardens in 1596.

Rosa damascena was introduced in 1573, in Syria. Cultivated in large quantities in Bulgaria and France.

"http://botanicatalog.com/en/taxon175118/Rosa_indica_chinensis" target = "_blank"> indicate Rosa chinensis was introduced in 1770.

Rosa lucida was introduced in North America in 1724.

Rosa lutea was introduced in 1596 by John Gerard. Yellow flowers, blooming in early summer. Grow well on poor soils, well drained.

Rosa microphylla was introduced in China in 1828, rose evergreen originating in China and northern India.

Rosa moschata introduced in Persia in 1596.

Rosa pomifera is from United Kingdom.

Rosa rugosa rose is an evergreen with fragrant flowers, was introduced in 1790.


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See also
Rosa 'American Pillar'

Rambler, 4-6 x 3 m. The simple flowers grouped in bouquets of flowers or solitary, 5-20, 5-6 cm diameter, red-fuchsia, deep red with a white spot in center, yellow anthers are visible. Leaves dark green, shiny, becoming purple before falling. Bloom once a year in June-July.

Rose Partners

The combination of roses with other garden plants offers a look spontaneous and full of charm.

Roses combine well with Aster sp., Delphinium, Gypsophila sp., Lavandula sp., Lilium regale, Polyantha sp., Veronica incana.

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