Pinus mugo bonsai

Pinus mugo seeds for propagation by strobili gather in December, are preserved in a cold and shady. The half of April to stratify the pregerminare, germination takes place after two months.

Propagation by cuttings is little used because it needs very long time. The young plants from cuttings taken in late winter. The emerg a solution rizogeni hormone before planting.

Pinus mugo bonsai needs a show in full sun, shade does not support well.

He needs but resist heat well at low temperatures in winter and frost.

The vessel must be deep and well drained soil.

Those old yellow autumn and remove with tweezers. Cut all the dried or diseased parts of the plant. Supratafata earth is clean, muscles move away from the earth and on the trunk.

Spring is remove all those in November, after developed and before it intareasca.

Cutting branches is made in October, cut about 1 / 3 the length of the branch, if needed repeat surgery autumn.

Adapters are made in April, every 3-5 years in a pot with a magnitude greater than the last. Eliminate 1 / 3 of roots but with care not to touch the main root.

Substrate must be a mixture of 1 / 3 garden soil, 1 / 3 vegetable land, 1 / 3 river sand. To avoid too limestone substrate. Bonsai, immediately after transferring fertilizeaza not.

Binding is autumn and winter.

The wet regularly, allow soil to dry between watering.

It manages an organic fertilizer, from spring to autumn (October-November) in-out of July and August.

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Multiplication by obtaining seeds for bonsai

Multiplication through seeds is a difficult method but give spectacular results.

The seeds can be taken from other plants or bonsai from normal plants, collected in the fall directly on the plant.

Germ Conditions are different for each type of seeds.

Bonsai of Nandina domestica

Propagation by seeds. It stratify fruit is mature and looks in spring under glass. In the first year germolii protect cold and the following spring can be planted in the pot.

Propagation by cuttings. Seedlings are taken from the base, semilignificatisi are planted in a mixture of sand and peat.

Bonsai Bambusa ventricosa and Bambusa multiplex

It can multiply by dividing rhizomes. Choose knotty rhizomes close horizontal. The leaves of a bud and two years full radacilnile after a anmugurele be eliminated if others appeared in November. Spring planting, before the appearance of new buds in deep pots with soil moisture.

They need plenty of light and hot-wet environments all year, the temperature does not fall below 19 ° C.

Multiplication by obtaining seedlings for bonsai

This type of breeding consists in planting directly in soil or after a period of immersion in water, a part of the plant.

Prepare a Butas: peplanta stalk the mother must cut immediately after the insertion of leaves, cut apical parts.

Bonsai of Spiraea

Propagation by seeds is spring under glass.

Propagation by cuttings. Cuttings are taken in early summer, and are planted in a mixture of sand and peat. It is sprayed regularly and keep in the shade.

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