Rose Partners

The combination of roses with other garden plants offers a look spontaneous and full of charm.

Roses combine well with Aster sp., Delphinium, Gypsophila sp., Lavandula sp., Lilium royal Polyantha sp., Veronica incana.

Yellow flowers fit well with red roses and purple: Alchemilla, Eremurus, Rudbeckiamet and Solidago.

Red roses match: Geranium sanguineum, Monarda and Polygonum.

Shrub species that can combine roses are: Berberis, Buddleja, Forsythia, Hypericum calycinum, Ilez acquifolium, Kerr, Mahon, Pinus mugo, Spiraea, Taxus, Viburnum and Weigel.

Roses may be associated with climbers Clematis and Lonicera.

To have an association with no problems, both partners must bear sunny locations and well aerated, and the distance between perennials and roses should be about 50-80 cm.

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Rosa 'American Pillar'

Rambler, 4-6 x 3 m. The simple flowers grouped in bouquets of flowers or solitary, 5-20, 5-6 cm diameter, red-fuchsia, deep red with a white spot in center, yellow anthers are visible. Leaves dark green, shiny, becoming purple before falling. Bloom once a year in June-July.

Brief history of roses

Rose is one of the oldest existing flowers, dating back 35 million years.

Roses religious symbol of the Persians, time becomes the symbol of love and beauty and grace to almost all world civilizations.

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